SoCal Quantum“Technologies based on the fundamental properties of quantum mechanics will revolutionize industries..” Forbes 2/22Biotech | MedTech | FinTech
SoCal Quantum For BusinessesProfessionals Desiring to Stay Relevant in Advanced Technology Fields such as Biotech, Medtech, and FinTech Need SoCal Quantum’s “Quantum for Businesses” - A Platform Comprising Quantum Computing Consultants, Local and Global Events, Articles, Reports, and CAGR. Many Businesses are unaware of quantum computing options for today’s optimization problems. Informed professionals can now develop their own insights into the types of quantum computing applications available to their company through (Quantum For Businesses).
New “East Coast”“West Coast” and “East Coast” SoCal Quantum Hosts Interview Vibrant (Special Speakers) with Informative Company Slide Decks, Discussions, and Recent Headlines. Previous Special Speakers Include TEDx Speakers, a Quantum Initiative Founder, Several Quantum Authors, a Managing Director, and a Quantum Physicist. Special Speaker Presentations are Available on the SoCal Quantum (YouTube) Channel.
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